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My Bucket List

I have started my bucket list although time is against me, I have so much travelling to do I don't know when I will have the time to fit in other things! Lots of things to do, must be realistic though!

> Visit an active volcano, probably Italy

> Visit Alcatraz in San Francisco (complete)

> Write a book that is published and sells copies (complete)

> Parachute jump (complete)
> Ride the Cresta run in St Moritz (complete)
> 4 man bob (complete)
> Climb Mount Fuji in Japan

> Zorbing (complete)
> Travel on the Trans-Siberian railway

> Travel on the Orient Express

> See the Northern lights

> Swim with dolphins

> Visit the Colosseum in Rome (complete)

> Visit Chichen Itza in Mexico (complete)

> Ride a Segway

> Attend the La Tomatina festival in Spain

> Visit Petra in Jordan (complete)

> Ride a camel

> Spend a night in an igloo

> Go husky sledding

> Attend the Oktoberfest in Munich (complete)
> Go on a safari (complete, in India)
> Ride on an elephant (complete)
> Attend the Edinburgh festival

> Visit the Taj Mahal (complete)

> Shower under a waterfall

> See the Iguaza falls in South America

> Attend the Rio carnival in Brazil

> Go shark cage diving

> Take a cruise (complete)

> Visit Macho Picchu in Peru (complete)

> See a glacier

> Float in the Dead Sea (complete)
> Visit the Galapagos Islands

> Run a charity event (complete)
> Visit the Sidney Opera House

> See Christ the Redeemer in Brazil

> Visit Easter Island

> Cross a Country by Bicycle (complete, Latvia 2014)
> See the Great Wall of China (complete)

> Ride in a Gondola in Venice (complete)

> See the Pamplona bull run

> Watch a cricket match at Lords

> See the Terracotta Army in Xi'an, China (complete)

> Watch a show on Broadway (complete, 'Cats')

> Climb mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

> Travel first class (complete)

> See the Nazca lines in Peru (complete)
> Visit the Houses of Parliament in London

> Plant a tree

> Be someone's mentor (complete)
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